Working with St. Expedite ✨

Another magic-related post, as per fulfilling a promise.

I've been working with this saint a couple of times. He's a very "famous" saint to work with in matters that require urgency, quick fixes and business matters. He's seen as a very approachable saint, and will happily help when petitioned. My go-to instructions come from Sphere&Sundry, as their post about St. Expedite is a wonderful fountain of knowledge and ideas.

Couple of things I've noticed that work for myself:

  1. Write down the petition and prayer you're gonna use. Repetition is good, you don't need to reinvent the wheel every single time, and having the thing written down helps when your brain doesn't want to function.

  2. Keep your promises small enough so that you can easily keep it on time! You don't need to promise the shirt off your back, BUT IF YOU DO you better give it. A deal's a deal. First time I worked with him I promised to get a statue of him for my home. And cake. And roses. And I don't remember what. The statue took me probably around 6 months to remember to order, because I forgot all about it for a long time. Now this is rude, and would put off anyone in real life too, so don't do it to magical allies either. This time I promised public mentions in 3 different places and 6 red roses. My ask was fulfilled on Monday, the roses I got on Tuesday, and this post is the third promised mention, so we'll be squared after. Only promise what you can keep.

  3. Be quite exact in what you ask - because if it's not measurable, how do you know when it's been fulfilled? This was another mistake I did with my first Expedite working, on top of overpromising, I was very vague in what I was asking. This is a negotiation, and just like they say about goals, it's harder to pinpoint "I want more money" (which could be a coin found on the street, because, hey, it's more money right?) than I need 100€ extra money by next Friday. Goals need to be measurable in magic too, folks! And this is something I'm learning myself too, to be honest.

  4. After you ask for something, don't give in before you GET what you asked for. For example, this time I asked for a specific amount of money we needed. What happened was, that I started to get a lot of leads to "money in the future", work possibilities for the fall etc - but, I really needed the money NOW. So, during my daily petition I started to add to my ask that, you know Mr. Saint, the future money is nice and cool and great, but I'm asking you to deliver that amount to me NOW, not in 3 months, so.... Keep you side of the negotiation! Deliver the promised goods AFTER you get what was asked for.

Other than that (and this is an ongoing learning journey for me still!), I find St. Expedite easy and approachable to work with. I have now a permanent place for him, and give him small offerings every Wednesday. Go check the link at Sphere&Sundry, they have other great posts too, and if you have questions I'm always open for questions!

Have a great week!

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