Why a witch?

The biggest debate with the re-branding and -writing my site was whether I should call myself publicly here as a witch or not. Bringing out one's own spiritual or religious leanings can be a loaded thing. It might repel some people. It might draw some people. It might be a beacon for the right people but also the treat that brings all kinds of desired and undesired creatures to come out sniffing. So, I thought I'd unpack this a bit - both for myself and for anyone reading this blog.

The most obvious question for me would be, "Will you do magic on me, or for me?" And the answer is, NO. The services sold are a) tarot readings, b) coaching, and c) a mixture of these two. No spells are gonna go in the mix. I'm not gonna either actively or passively try to manipulate the situation. However, if AS A PART of a reading or coaching session you would like to discuss methods to approach the problem from multiple sides, including energetic and/or magical point of views, I'm more than happy to do that!

Also, just to be crystal clear: I don't manipulate clients or potential clients magically. I have better things to do with my life than to put energy on shit that usually comes back to bite your ass.

So, if I don't offer magical services as a service, WHY did I want to define myself as a witch in my business?

First of all, because I am. A witch I mean. And that defines my existence and being-ness in this world so strongly I simply need to have it said out loud. It has been me since I was a kid, since I didn't even have a name for it, throughout my teens where it came more obvious not only to me but to my family and friends, through the years when I tried to push it under the surface in the pursuit of fitting in as an adult, and to these years when it's back on and stronger in my body than ever before. I don't need anyone else to be a witch, or necessarily agree with me. But I am one and stand strong in that.

Second, it does affect of how I read and coach. I subscribe to a set of beliefs that are mainly animistic, as in everything has a spirit, and that every spirit could be worked with. I walk in balance with both scientific and magical thinking. I do believe in changing our fates and that there are multiple layers of bringing on that change, and those layers do not limit to the physical/material world - although that is a very important part of the work! Everything is not just happy thoughts and manifesting miracles, people! It's plans and bringing them to life! But, I might have ideas how to work with the elements of a reading, for example. You might hear me talking about embodying a particular card you get, and how to do it in various ways. This might not be a great fit for every potential client, so it's only fair to be honest about it.

Third, if you have questions of exploring the spiritual and magical side of things, I got your back in a way that someone who hasn't been doing these wanderings wouldn't. I understand the call of the wild, the longing for Something You Can't Name yet. I love to explore those questions. And this is one way for me to open the roads for these seekers to come to me. I am here, open and welcoming.

So, this is my reasoning. If you have questions, as always, you can contact me through the form on the website. In the meanwhile, I wish you all a magical week!

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