Spring is in the Air!

There's a birch tree growing straight outside my window. Every morning I try to squint my eyes and see if the leaves are budding yet. With my less-than-stellar eyesight it does take some squinting, and I guess I'll miss the very few first days, but any day now they're gonna come out.

Spring is traditionally the time of new ideas and fresh starts. The logic behind this isn't really a big mystery. Sun starts to warm up the air, snow melts, the ground thaws, green things push out from the ground, birds sing and nest... In short, sun shines, things start to grow, animals get frisky.

In tarot, the corresponding suit is the one of swords, although variations exist. My ultimate "It's Spring!" card is the Ace of Air from Joanna Powell-Colbert's Gaian Tarot. The blooming apple tree (more of a spring-turning-to-summer event here though), the butterfly breaking it's chrysalis, the pale blue sky... New winds, new starts, new life.

This last winter has been a time of letting go many things: my old business and our last home are the most concrete examples, and there has been a lot of emotional and energetic weeding going on under the surface. This spring has shown us a new home, new daycare, new career and new opportunities. Birthing new things is rarely easy. The butterfly needs to fight its way out from the chrysalis, because the fight itself will make it stronger. There is video footage of me cursing and shouting when giving birth to our son. I try to remind myself of that when I navigate this new life. It's spring, things are changing and growing, and the growing pains are just a natural part of the process.

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