Personal Prayer Book (FINALLY!)

Magic advice that I've been avoiding successfully for ages but shouldn't have:

Keep Records of your Work.

I'm the person who has random pages printed out, performs rituals on the fly, and gets tons of ideas and never writes them down because "I'll do it later". I'm also the person who has so many loose printouts that I forget what I have. I can suddenly remember that 10 years (or two weeks) ago I did something successful, but now can't repeat the ritual because I don't remember the details. And way too often I simply forget the ideas I got so excited about. I also DO get good results from writing-based workings, be it journaling goals, writing invocations or just plain clearing out my thoughts by writing them down instead of letting them just roam freely inside my head.

So, why is it so damn hard then? Pure self-sabotage, that's why.

So, in celebration I share with you the picture of my first personal Book of Prayers! It is an old journal that I've had around for years and years, and it has at the moment 3 prayers! It is totally incomplete, a work in progress, and I have already ideas for a couple of prayers and invocations I need to create and then copy to it. But it feels SO MUCH BETTER to hold it in the morning doing my prayers than to fumble around for 2 different printouts and a working notebook that has plenty of my thinking-by-writing.

So again, Keep Records of your Work.

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