How to keep up a practice when life happens?

It's been months since I've blogged last. This is not what I had in mind, although I'd be lying if I'd say I didn't fear this exact thing would happen.

See, there's this (very sound) business advice which tells us that we need to be consistent with content. And it is true. If people know that they will get new stuff, be it text, pics, readings, tips, whatever, they will come back easier to look for it again and again and again. And if there's nothing happening .... well, after a time they stop coming.

But consistency goes a long way with many things. Doing small stuff consistently builds better than doing a Big Thing once in a while. Goes for relationships, learning skills, self-care... You name it. A kiss and a kind word every morning is a stronger relationship glue than a date night every couple of months, no matter how "perfect" you manage to make that one outing. A daily "hello" to your ancestors or deity can help you more in time of need than a 2-hour ritual to an entity you've never had a relationship with before. Consuming a bit of something in a new language daily helps to remember words and patterns that then can be useful later. This is slow work, but it builds a foundation.

So, where have I been hiding? Where has my consistency been?

When life hits you in the face and all your good intentions and plans go out of the window, you need to prioritize. And what you prioritize depends completely on your situation. In my case, I've been working on getting the rent paid and to bring out a new business plan to shift our family's long term trajectory. Bringing in money and planning for future money have taken the first seat. So, this blog has been bubbling under for a while. I've been a bit more active on FB and IG, but not much. My energy and spoons have gone for going to work, and then resting after that. Sometimes that's what you have to do and after 2-3 burnouts the last couple of years I know for a fact that I need to be careful with overworking myself.

However, I have also a consistent private practice. I offer daily or weekly water and/or flame to my "spirit squad", I have my cards in the open and draw new ones when I feel moved to do so. So, even if I've not been "publicly" posting about tarot and magic, I've been doing it, daily. Mostly just small keeping in touch -type things, talking and praying and offering. Things have been shifting and I'm trying to keep myself receptive in the crossroads, touching base with the spirits there.

The best advice I've gotten for these types of situations, where things don't work as you'd wish, is that it's good to have a bare minimum plan in place. This can be for business, spiritual practice, parenting - whatever. What's the bare minimum you need to get done on the days when you just cannot push yourself? For example, my usual bare minimum spiritual practice is to light a tealight and give fresh water on my kitchen shrine, give fresh water to my ancestors, and say hello to my main magical working partner (preferably I'll do an invocation, but this is bare minimum, right). Well, last week introduced me to an even MORE bare bones version of this for a couple of days because I couldn't walk due to back pain (remember I mentioned I NEED not to overwork?), so I did the prayers from bed, and took me a couple of days to get to the changing the water and lighting the candle.

Showing up on social media is not included in the minimum. Working on a side business is not included on the bare minimum (and yes, this DOES affect the growth of the said side business, most likely, but it is what it is, for the moment).

So, what are your bare minimums? What is the absolute smallest thing you can do towards feeling yourself connected to magic, your tarot cards, your family and loved ones, your destiny? Think about it and then do it. The smaller the better. Because THAT is what will forge the bonds between you and that thing stronger.

P.S. I'm gonna be reading at Pakanalliset Syysmessut this weekend, 9.-10.10.2021! Yeah! Come and say hello if you're around!

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