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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A break from the usual tarot posts, because I have an obligation to fulfill. See, so many things in this life is about relationships and how you maintain them. If you consider nature and "things" to have spirit, as in an animistic worldview, then pretty much everything is about relationships. And if magic (not stage magic, but the actual witches-and-sorcerers-etc-are-real magic) is not your cup of tea, pass on and we return to a more tarot and coaching style discussion next week!

However, if you are interested, or maybe just morbidly curious, I'll tell a story of our last move.

So, we knew quite a while beforehand that we needed to exit our last apartment in the end of January (2021). I was about to close my convenience store business, and we were planning to visit my husband's family in Mexico. However, with the covid-19 pandemia still going strong we had to give that up. That left us in a bit of a pickle, because we needed to get out of the old place but didn't have a new one lined up. Also, we have a kid, so it's not only two adults and their stuff BUT also our 4y.o. with necessity of finding a daycare place fast. Lots of moving pieces. We had the possibility of staying with my parents for the moment, but essentially we needed to find a place quickly.

Now magic is something that can help in many practical situations. I subscribe to Jason Miller's idea of making a plan that would work even without magic, and then doing magic to tipping the probabilities to your favor. I've been just coming back to working magic these last couple of years, so I wanted to get some help in this. I heartily recommend this blog post from Sara Mastros (http://traifbanquet.blogspot.com/2014/07/sabnok-giver-of-castles.html) which I followed. It was my first time to work with a goetic spirit, but I found it easy enough. I do have background in magic though, so it's not maybe the very very first spell you should try. So, in the middle of January, after getting my kid to the bed, I performed the spell on our balcony in -18C winter air. Even the drawing went quite well, despite my heavy mittens, and I left the candle to burn until the end. (I used a huuuuuge grave candle, which was basically the only option I could find in here. No Botànicas in Finland.)

As is apparent in Sara's blog, when working magic you often promise things for services rendered. This is nothing new or weird, right? And promises need to be kept. If there's one thing that you should keep in mind when working with spirits, is that if you promise something you keep it, and better late than never. I'm basically 3 months late with this post! But, here we are. Then again, if I would have posted on my old blog the entry would be destroyed by now, so maybe Sabnock knew what would be better.

Anyways. You give, but you also ask. I gave preferred areas and amount of rent, closeness to fighting gyms for my husband and forest crossroads for myself, easy access by public transportation and daycare for kid, among others. I wanted to find the place by mid-February and move in by 1st of March. The area ended up being one I didn't initially consider but that suits us perfectly, the rent is a bit higher because, well, my initial ask was VERY optimistic, and I settled for the area and thus considered the apartment a bit later than mid-February. However, we DID sign the contract from 1st of March and moved in on the 3rd, the gyms are here (only because of covid-19 they're all closed at the moment), forest crossroads are 5min from the door and so is the daycare of our kid.

Would we have found this without magic? Maybe yes. But so what. After all, magic works best with a good plan and action steps.

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