Divine timing pt. 3: When you need to act

Last part on the series (for the moment), cards that tell you not-so-gently that you'd better act soon, or else.

One reason I generally prefer tarot cards to oracle cards, is that where oracle cards can be very inspiring and encouraging and all, my tarot cards will always tell me when the sh*t will hit the fan. It's not fun and nice, folks, but better to know than to be surprised! These 5 are not the only cards indicating a necessity for a change, but are the most vocal and clear, maybe.

First the lower row, 2 of swords and 10 of wands. These indicate that there's too much on your plate and although you're still managing to handle it all, you'd better konmari your task list and life because unless you shed some of the load it's gonna fall off by itself. 2 of swords speaks of upholding 2 different swords - you're trying to both save the cake and eat it, and very soon you will have to choose between those options. Or you're trying to both find independence but also still cater to everyone's wishes but your own. With 2 of swords you have 2 competing aspects that you're trying to uphold, but sooner or later your arms will tire and you might drop both of them. Better to choose when you still can!

10 of wands is the classic overachiever card! You're trying to do everything and be everything, and that's just... not possible. Lay down some of the wands you're carrying, or you will surely burn out and never reach your goal.

The upper row speaks of life patterns and need to change the underlying foundations and expectations that move you. 3 of swords for me is usually a repeated thought pattern that sabotages your life. It's like the bad boy you always fall for, who treats you like rubbish, dumps you, and all the while wondering why your dating life suck, you start the same cycle with a new bad boy. So, there is a pattern and a lesson you need to learn and clear, in order to move forward. The Devil is a bit like the 3 of swords, because it too speaks of getting caught by your desires and enslaving yourself through them. Desires are not bad. Desire is good and can be a great guide, as in the Lovers card. However, if you start to feel trapped by your desires, it is time to remember that they're only in your mind and have no "real" power over you. Only the power that you give to them. You can decide if you want to continue with that or work to change it. Your cards, your life.

What then happens if (when) you ignore all this advice? The Tower. The Tower is a powerful breakthrough card! It will shatter your rotten foundations, leaving you with a clean slate for building! Yes! So what's the downside? Well, people in general don't appreciate their lives being turned upside down and shred to bits. Even the smallest parts. The Tower is the final fight between you and your couple, after which one of you leaves. Did you see it coming? Probably yes if you're really honest to yourself. Is it good for you in the long run? Probably yes. Is it nice to go through? Nope. Not at all. This is an extreme example, of course, and often it can be preceded for some time by fir example 3 of swords popping up in your readings (this happened to me for example). It can be also a new idea that changes your thinking or how you see yourself. It can be the decision to (finally) to stop slouching and start stretching to take care of your body. It is the clearing away of something in order for the new to come, but in a immediate, usually disruptive fashion. It is also a lot easier if you manage to identify the change and go with it instead of fighting against it.

So, this will end up the timing series for now. I apologize for the pause in posting, and wish you all a wonderful spring-to-summer transition!

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