Divine timing, pt. 2: When to act?

So, continuing the last week's theme on timing: which cards might be giving you the advice of acting rather sooner than later? When I went through my cards to look for examples I noticed that actually there's a maybe wider variety of "action" cards than what there are "waiting" cards. Some cards point out that it's time for YOU to act. Some cards tell about a change in circumstances which in it's turn brings change to the table. And lastly there's cards that point out that whatever it is that you are doing now is gonna mess you up, and you SHOULD make a change.

So, in the interest to keep the post manageable, I'm gonna talk about the first option through the cards shown above.

First there's the two knights, the knight of Wands and the knight of Swords. Both cards look very dynamic in nature, but their elements point to very different types of action. I use a lot of the elemental correspondences in my readings, so the Knight of Wands relates to Fire and through that action and daring, and the Knight of Swords relates to Air and through it thinking and mental processes. The Knight of Wands channels your inner Nike ad, and tells you "Just do it". Go forth and make it happen, right now and without giving in to the analysis paralysis. The Knight of Swords, on the other hand, tells you to attack your own thoughts about the matter. What thoughts are holding you back, what thought patterns are messing up with you and paralyzing you from taking action? He points that mental hygiene and thought-work (after all, I'm a life coach also) is needed to open the knot.

The 8 of Cups, on the upper right corner, tells you to take action by leaving all behind and going for a spirit quest. It tells you that in your current state you're gonna stay stuck, and that you need to leave something behind to get the clarity you need to move forward. You don't need to necessarily really leave everything and go to the mountains (you can if you want though), BUT you do need some quiet time to reconnect with your values and what you want out of your life.

The 8 of wands under it warns you that shit is gonna start happening fast and that you should do your best to hang on and ride the wave! This is the card I pull when I'm gonna get client appointments coming in from both sides, and taking care of those opportunities will lead to more and take me further in my business. There is definitely a time to set boundaries on how many clients you take and on how short notice you book them, but with this card showing you might profit more from taking the chances and stretching yourself a bit.

I left the 7 of Swords (lower left corner) last, because it is a traditionally "negative" card and no wonder, when you see the dude sneaking around and looking dodgy. He is in the middle of stealing some swords from the camp, and the card can point to treachery, backstabbing and betrayal. However, sometimes I get the vibe from this card that it stands for "use whatever means necessary to get to your goal". Are you discarding some ideas because you judge them to be "dirty tricks" or beneath you? Examine those thoughts (thoughts, because we have again the suit of Swords, meaning Air and thoughts) and ask yourself is your competition playing fair? Are you trying to play "nice" when it actually works against you? I'm not telling that you NEED to play dirty to win. However, life is often a scale of grey and this card for me points to those tricky in-between areas between "good" and "bad".

Next week let's see cards about "you need to change or else!". Have a great week!

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