Divine timing pt. 1: when to wait?

This last year has brought a lot of things to a standstill. There's also been a theme of waiting in both the readings that I have done to myself and the ones I've given to my clients. So, I thought I'd explore the topic a bit. There are several cards that can point to a period of waiting, and I picked up a couple of them. They have different takes on it, but on the whole they indicate that whatever it is you want to happen - it's not gonna do so right now.

One version of waiting is the "it's coming but not here yet", a theme shown in 2 and 3 of Wands (both lower left corner). On the cards you can see a person looking out to the sea and waiting for the ships to come in, and you get the sense of waiting for someone/something to come back to you. These cards usually tell you that whatever it is you're trying to get into your life it's out there making it's way home to you, but it'll just take some time. The only thing you can do is to wait and try to do something constructive with your time. Ask yourself: instead of "I'll do X when Y happens", what can I do RIGHT NOW to work on that same goal? Maybe a nap would help to unwind? Whatever it is, remember to bring back you focus to present so you won't drive yourself crazy with the pining.

Another one type of waiting is "it's growing but the final fruit isn't here yet". While with the previous 2 cards the goal and process is largely out of your hands, the 7 and knight of pentacles (upper line, middle cards) give the impression that you can do something for the goal, like helping the plants grow (pentacles/coins are very concrete, and personally I often use farming or growing things as a metaphor when working with them). You can irrigate the soil, you can weed your plot, you can check for pests or animals trying to eat your veggies before their time. However, this doesn't mean that the vegetables and fruits (goals) are gonna ripen before their time! So, don't overdo it, continue feeding your goal, and remember, it still comes at it's own pace.

Sometimes you just need a period of rest, like the 4 of swords tells you (upper left corner). Sometimes you need to get out of your funk and mental tantrums to see the missing piece, as in the 4 of cups (upper right corner). We are not machines, and sometimes no matter how hard we push, we need to get something else done first before any more growth or progress can take place. Maybe the slow period is exactly what you need, so you can figure out some key pieces.

Then there's the "you are actually being led, but you just have to trust your guides", as shown by 6 of swords and the Hanged Man (both lower right corner). Here the message is that you are going through a phase that feels like sitting still, like the person sitting in the boat with their eyes blindfolded, and you cannot see the boatman guiding you on. It IS a difficult position. No doubt about that. But this is a message of learning to trust the higher guidance, and sometimes it does mean sitting still with eyes closed, and trusting that the right things will happen.

Next week I will write about the cards denoting the times for action. Have a great week!

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