About Me

Know Yourself. Then Shape Yourself.

I'm an intense listener and questioner. I love the places in-between, forests and the scent of magic in the air. I adore riddles, whodunnits and crime dramas. I'm like a kid perpetually asking "but WHY..." and switching point-of-views just for the challenge of it. I'm neurodiverse and see patterns in cards, words and actions. And all this is how I can help you.

I have rarely found cookie cutter answers in my life questions. Be it relationships, education or work history, I usually haven't taken the paths my mom or the "society at large" would have suggested I take. Have I gotten desperate and hoped I could have just done the "normal" (whatever that may be!) and be where my peers with steady jobs and what looks like a life in order are? Yep, been there done that. And am I crystal clear that I am where I should be, and am fabulously in love with my life?

Hell. Yes. Every single day.

And I believe this is possible for everyone. For me the path goes through connecting with your roots, your soul, descending to your deepest core. From there we figure out how to feed your seeds and grow into bloom. There are no cookie cutters for us. WE make those damn things ourselves.