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Welcome to the Journey!

This is where we start. Grab a hot beverage, take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable. Because that thing you're yearning for? That thing that beckons to you, tickles your curiosity and calls your name in the quiet moments of the day? THAT thing. That's where we're going. And this journey starts with this question:

"Tell me, what is it that you TRULY want?"


Welcome to my corner!

I am Laeticia, a neurodivergent tarot reader, life coach and witch.

I believe in everyone's undeniable right to live a magical, engaging and awesome life. And I believe the pathways to this are as numerous as are the seekers. However, the guideposts can be found from both inside and around us.

I help my clients by reading the tarot, coaching, and combining the two.

Tarot can be a great starting point or a reality check. It serves as a compass system and can clarify influences both from within and without, and from past, present and future. We can check what are the powers influencing your next few months - is time to act or to rest, is there smooth sailing ahead or is there a storm brewing on the horizon? Or, we can delve into the roots and branches of a problem. Why does it seem impossible for you to find a life partner? Should you switch jobs or try to change the position you have in your current one? Or, my personal favorite, how can I move forward on my path to happiness and fulfillment?

If tarot is the compass, coaching teaches you the art of trekking. Coaching gives you tools to climb over (or dig under) the obstacles on your way, teaches you how to listen to your body so you'll know intuitively when to take a break and when to push on, and helps you handle your own mindspeak in order not to give up just before you reach your goals. With coaching you'll get the laser focus of my questioning and pattern-seeking mind aimed at you, to help you uncover your thought-patterns and help transform them into ones that will nurture you wholly, body and soul.

True Change is no small deal. It's more than just thinking happy thoughts and if you just think happy enough the change will come, easily and without growing pains. Nope. But with the proper compass and some trekking conditioning, it can transform into a fun and magical journey!